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Having never visited Llandudno before, we decided not to plan activities for this trip as we’d heard there are plenty of things to do. Anything from the ancient copper mine tour of The Great Orme to shopping for unique clothes to cable cars and trams.

If you’re looking for big fancy hotels with swimming pools and 24/7 activities, we say..

You’re missing out!

With an abundance of small, locally run bed and breakfast hotels, people flock from all over the world to get some of Llandudno’s fresh sea air. This place is seriously relaxing. Not that there isn’t much to do, quite the opposite.





Picture this

You’re driving for almost 2 hours in heavy traffic (due to the British sun coming out for 2 minutes😂🌞) and you reach the brow of a hill and are met with a beautiful curved bay resembling the set of Mary Poppins adorned with pastel painted buildings and a fine looking wooden pier at the far end with a beautiful Ferris wheel. #llandudno



We made our way along Marine Drive and straight to our hotel @burleighhouse

As soon as we arrived, we had the friendliest welcome from the owners Julie and Steve. We’re embarrassed to admit we don’t travel light for a 2 day staycation as we like to have an ample choice of clothing in anticipation of our Great British weather🌦☀️🌩Steve wouldn’t allow us to take our own bags up to the second floor…Bet he wishes he’d let us in the end🤣

The rooms are tastefully decorated, clean and have super comfy beds. An array of personal touches like chocolates on the pillow, bottled water and a contemporary style kettle were a welcome sight, we even overslept for breakfast on the second day! We blame the luxurious pillows but was more likely to be a combination of that, the drinks and sea air😂




Once introductions and room information were wrapped up, they answered all our questions on eating and drinking out and directions to the best places.

Unfortunately the recommended ones were booked up for months in advance so we sought out a few alternatives which were equally delish.

The highlight of our trip was an encounter from a local legend. The famous Monkey Man who has 66 costumes and walks around Llandudno to the delight of his fans!




Let us know if we missed anything for our next visit to Llandudno in November on the way back from Anglesey.

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