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Rambling around Rivington

It has been a tradition of many of us Chorleyites to walk to Rivington Pike each Good Friday. It used to be a big deal and saw thousands of people swarm there.

It became like most things, untrendy to carry on this custom, we saw about 12 people this sunny day.. but it wasn’t Good Friday.

As we’ve lived away for so long, we wanted to take a hike up there to see how much it has changed.

Wow! we didn’t recognise it. So much History has been uncovered.

Conceived and financed by soap magnate William Hesketh Lever or Lord Leverhulme in 1905, the Japanese Terraced Gardens, built by Thomas Mawson have been pulled out of disrepair and spruced up for the public to view on the walk up to the top.

The first of many sights is the Lever Bridge. Known for its 7 arches.

Then a succession of steps leading through the gardens up to the Pigeon Tower that was once used as a lookout and also had Lady Lever’s sewing room on the top floor.

She would also have liked to look out on a beautiful day.

This is an iconic tower and can be seen for miles around in many towns. #pigeontower #horwich #bolton

Just a short walk away you will spot the Rivington Pike Tower, this was in pretty bad shape so has been almost totally renovated to resemble as it was originally erected. Now unable to be seen inside are a fireplace and a small stone-flagged cellar. This would have been used as a base for the Lord’s hunting group.

#rivington #rivingtonpike (apologies for the facial expressions😂sunny as it was, it was mighty cold up there, layering is a must after living in the desert for so long).

Making our way back down the hill, we read on the boards that there were tennis courts and lawns for lovely summer days and viewing podiums on top of ‘loggias’ or summer houses with columns of grandeur. #rivingtonterracedgardens

Even the small, man made lake had a boat that was used to take guests on a short, fun sail. You can still see the ring to tie the boat to the side at one end. After all this entertaining, it was designed that all paths would lead back to The Bungalow/ Roynton Cottage. This was burnt down by Sufragette Edith Rigby in 1913 as a protest for women’s rights.

All of these overhauls wouldn’t have been possible without the Rivington Heritage Trust. We have them to thank for their years of hard work uncovering the chronicles of yore. #rivingtonheritagetrust #anglezarke

Please tell us of any historic walks near you🗺🥰 #naturecaptures #historyinpictures #historyphoto

All that walking gave us some serious hunger pangs, lucky for us there are a few restaurants and cafes spotted around the area. One of these places is the amazing Spring Cottage. This place needs no introduction and is well known by the locals, nestled among the woodland this beautiful cafe serves mouth watering, organic and locally sourced food fit for the most distinguished palate. It was a welcome feast after a 10 mile hike😋😍 #sc_rivington #localisbest #foodiesparadise

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