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Invicta Porto

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Have you visited Porto? It truly is idyllic. From the architecture to the sumptuous food, you’ll be glad you dropped by. Our first stop on this visit was to the famous Livraria Lello bookshop! It was a regular stop for Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and she actually drew a lot of inspiration for her first book from this place. The Neo-Gothic architecture bears a slight resemblance to Hogwart’s World of Wizardry ✨

There is an admission charge of €5/$5.60 which is redeemable against any book you wish to purchase. This fee isn’t unusual. Livraria Lello has 4-5000 visitors a day with only a few purchasing books.

This goes toward upkeep and maintenance of this beautiful store that showcases rare copies of books by Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll and J.M. Barrie to name a few.

The ceiling is a beautifully stained glass skylight. This floods light across the whole shop when the sun’s rays pour in.

The infamous staircase is where the money shot lies! As we were leaving, there was a line around the downstairs area.

Be sure to arrive early. We were almost camped outside and still 7th in queue! #LivrariaLello

2 unmissable churches are the stunning Capela das Almas/Chapel of Souls and Igreja de Santo Ildefonso/Church of Saint Ildefonso. Both built in the eighteenth century.

The Chapel of Souls is one of the most beautiful churches in Porto with its mesmerising exterior. In 1929 it was clad with 16,000 blue and white tiles depicting moments in the lives of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Catherine. #chapelofsouls

The Church of Saint Ildefonso, also covered with the synonymous Azulejo blue and white tiles, is located near Batalha Square. You can see trams going past here and catch one to the city centre quite easily. This church was originally thought to have been constructed around 1296 but was demolished and built again in 1709.

Throughout the years it has been restored after a severe storm and also after the Siege of Porto.


Entrance is free to both chapels to roam around quietly in.

If you're anything like us, you'll be having quiet thoughts of the famous ‘pastel de nata’ cakes you intend to devour at the next stop! 😋

A visit to the 100 year old Café Majestic is a must. This place wouldn't be out of place in the Latin Quarter in Paris with its original decor and furnishings still intact.

From its façade to its interior, Café Majestic is the perfect setting for cultural events, making it more than just a tourist attraction.

The website states: It continues to live up to its name with a wonderful Belle Epoque atmosphere in its main room and attractive winter garden, which have guaranteed it a spot in every café-themed coffee table book. And with its numerous awards and international recognition - the café of course ended up being awarded sixth most beautiful café in the world.

#majesticcafe #coffeeandcake

One of the most beautiful walks you can take whilst in Porto is over the Dom Luis I Bridge to Douro.

Apart from the awe inspiring bridge itself, the view of Porto's famous rooftops is simply the best.

The double-decked Dom Luis I bridge is the first landmark we think of when explaining the city of Porto. It stretches across the River Douro linking the Port wine houses of Vila Nova de Gaia with the busy downtown Ribera district.

With so many cheap and cheerful cafés to stop at along the way and stunning views always in sight, you can't help but smile! It seems everyone’s sentiment is the same, just staring and smiling.

The colours of the buildings, the sun shimmering on the water and the warmth on your face gives you a natural high. You can see all the port barrels on the boats. This is a place where they surely are proud of their heritage.

#domluisbridge #douroriver #dourovalley

Which brings us to the last place on our visit. To wind down at the end of day 2, we chose Graham's Port Lodge as we kept noticing it from the riverside.

This place is huge! There's a history tour shop, restaurant and tasting room, all contemporary and state of the art, but with homely comfort to make you

feel welcome.

Starting at €5/$5.60a glass with description, you can't feel more welcome! If you're more of a connoisseur then pay €20/$22.70 to try a few. Obviously prices go up the older the port is. #grahamsport #porttasting #tasteofportugal

Whatever the occasion, this place has the perfect setting. Modern and contemporary inside with an ethereal terrace courtyard for weddings and outdoor occasions❤️ #portoportugal







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