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Blenkinsopp Castle Inn

If you’re considering a walk along the famous Hadrian’s Wall, be sure to check out this wonderful bed and breakfast for THE place to stay. #blenkinsoppcastle

We couldn’t believe our luck when shown to our rooms.

Attached to a 13th century coaching inn, we could see the ruins right from our window. The only thing between us was a parked car but the view was still magnificent, you could smell history🏰

Once unpacking was complete we made ourselves acquainted with the owners Carol and Gary Sterling. They welcomed us like family, nothing was too much trouble and they have good banter, a rare find these days😄

Dinner was a glorious event. We were shown to an elegantly decorated ‘reception room’ where Gary prepared a selection of cocktails and local beers whilst Carol cooked her beautiful award winning food. We later learned that Carol and her homemade pie were featured on the program Country File around Christmas time last year.

The hotel didn’t close in lockdown as they were to host a number of FBI, CIA, SAS & SBS personnel. The military must have seen a good thing and made the most of it.

After dinner and drinks we had an early(ish) night in preparation to hike a modest chunk of Hadrian’s Wall after breakfast the next morning.

There is a fable of The White Lady roaming the ruins since the Middle Ages. #thewhitelady #scaryghoststories

She was apparently the bride of Bryan de Blenkinsopp who was brought back from the East where he fought in the holy wars to secure Christian holy sites.

This was not a happy marriage so she conspired against him with the help of his servants and hid a chest of gold deep in the castle vaults never to be seen again. She is thought to be protecting the treasures to this day. #hiddentreasure

This is just one of many different White Lady stories told by the locals.

Hence why we had a bit of a restless sleep. Eyes popping open every 5 minutes for the first hour then slipping into a dreamy/twitchy state of slumber until sunrise😂 #nosleep

This wasn’t to say it was uncomfortable, far from it in fact. The beds are just right, the room is great temperature and as tastefully decorated as the rest of the hotel.

It is clear that this Inn is a well oiled machine and the proof is in the pudding..and the main and starter. Booking in advance is a must as this place seems to be in demand! #dontjustturnup

We loved the breakfast which is included in the room price, Pam our server was lovely and chatty, nothing was too much trouble, she even knew the town where we’re from. She takes pride in her work and it was evident.

A beautiful plate of fresh and scrumptious food was brought to us all and it was delicious, putting us in good stead for the walk ahead… #hadrianswall

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