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Exquisite Bakewell

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Wye visit Bakewell? No, it is spelled correctly....

The River Wye is the answer!

Driving into this dreamy town nestled amongst the Derbyshire Dales, you might think you’re in a children’s story book.

Just 13 miles from Sheffield, you can easily make a day out of it from just about anywhere in the U.K.

From afternoon tea at The Lavender Rooms serving an elegant, traditional or deluxe afternoon tea for £16.95- £20.25 to Gin tasting at @juniperbakewell that also has a seriously delish menu. You can’t go wrong.

Cycling the 8 mile Monsal Trail and visiting Chatsworth House (many of you will recognise it as Mr Darcy’s house in Pride and Prejudice) are a must at this time of year. The Great Chamber is fully, sustainably decorated for the festive season and looks just as handsome as Mr Darcy himself😍

Wander across the Wye Bridge and hundreds of padlocks or love locks as they are also known, will catch your eye. ♥️🔒

These locks started to appear on the bridge in 2012 and were the first to appear in Derbyshire.

Bakewell Love Lock bridge is becoming quite the tourist attraction and is probably the most photographed bridge in the area. Over the past decade, hundreds of people have added padlocks to celebrate their love or remember someone they have lost, mirroring a tradition seen at tourist spots across the globe. Newly-weds have made it part of their wedding day to hang an engraved lock sealing their love forever.

Are love locks bad news for bridges though? Apparently, the sheer weight of hundreds and thousands of metal locks puts considerable strain on structures that are often centuries old and in 2015, love locks caused part of the Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris to collapse.

In the U.K. locks have been removed from bridges in Cornwall, Lincolnshire, Chester and Leeds in recent years due to safety concerns. Such a shame because they really brighten up a place!

With weeping willows and flowers of all colours adorning the banks, you really can’t get much more English.

Following the River Wye’s flow, meander on down to the quaint town of Bakewell.

Peppered with local boutiques, outdoor activity shops and of course the famous bakeries selling the delicious Bakewell Tarts and Puddings, you can’t help but stop and enjoy one or two!

We had the perfect day to pop into these shops and sample the goods, you guessed it… it was raining cats and dogs!

After working up an appetite walking through Treak Cliff Caverns, what better way to satiate your palette with local delicacies and a good old cup of English tea 🫖

A favourite of locals and visitors is the @bakewelltartshop on Matlock Street. We bought a tart that said ‘Eff off Coronavirus’ which we thought was very fitting! It was sweet and lovely like grandma used to make ❤️

We have much more information about this beautiful town. Contact us for more details 💕

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