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Happy Saturday everyone!

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

We hope you all have a fab weekend.

In our first real blog we thought we’d tell you how we formed as UnexpectedExplorers.

It’s very simple really😄Louise has flown for four airlines in UK and Sweden and two for me in UK and Dubai #vintagecrew like fine wines, getting better with age!

Louise asked me if I wanted to start a blog and I said yes!

Simple right?

What feels like two minutes ago is now two years later! Where did the time go? Since then we’ve been collecting information on places to stay, beaches, restaurants, cafes, sights. The list is endless! #hotellovers #foodcritic #airlineaficianado

Living in different countries has made it a little more difficult to plan but we met up by chance in Rio de Janeiro in June ‘19 whilst Louise was on holiday with her family and I was on a work trip when I flew for Emirates Airline.

Whether it was the caçhaca or just pure determination, we got the ball rolling by writing our first post on Instagram. #wedidit!

Since then we have only met once more before ‘the virus that shall not be named arrived’ but we’ve plodded on and done several individual trips in Sweden, UK and others in between. #weekendtraveller #staycation

We’re hopeful that soon we’ll be able to meet up again and bring you some decent trip information that will blow your socks off😂

Aviation is in our blood but we were both made redundant at the same time due to ‘you know what’ so this is not the end but a new beginning, and you’re coming on that rollercoaster with us😍

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