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Brazil! It’s all about the Meet/Meat

Our first visit to Brazil was a chance encounter...with each other!

I was living in Dubai working as cabin crew at the time and could bid for flights. When my top bid came around I requested a beautiful 9 day Rio/Santiago-Chile trip...and got it!✈️

Louise lives in Sweden and she told me she had booked a mega vacation to Brazil but I couldn’t really remember her itinerary.

A week before my flight I was eager to get planning. We spoke on the phone and I asked Louise what dates she’d be in Rio.

She replied just 15th to which I cried, ‘oh that’s a shame I’m going on 15th June!’

I wondered why she paused then shrieked, ‘SO AM I!!!’

The screaming that ensued was probably heard 9 floors below my apartment!!

OH MY GOD!! I couldn’t sleep with excitement that night!

We packed so much into 3 days. As you will see from all the pictures in the next few blogs.

This was our first opportunity to get a photo of us together to start our online journal as we last saw each other over a year before!

We are so grateful to the higher powers for this opportunity to meet in a country so full of wonder!

Have you ever had a lucky encounter on your travels?

On the second night of our whirlwind tour of Rio, we were craving an authentic Churrascaria/Barbecue so made our way to Garota de Ipanema. Opened in 1949 and taken over by the present owners in 1975, the menu has hardly changed since and still attracts visitors from far flung countries just for the tradition.

Be warned! You will not want to stop eating their sumptuous food (vegetarians, apologies, you might want to make other plans for dinner).

The salad looked so tasty but we held back in anticipation of the meat🥩

We ordered a round of their famous cachaça lime caipirinhas which is said to be the best in Rio and we agree it was the tangiest, tastiest, dimple popping cocktail we’ve ever had🍹

Our waiters were relentless providers of beef, pork & lamb platters! Meat sweats are involuntary when visiting these heavenly restaurants of Brazil😅

They even have the lyrics and music 🎼 to ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ written on the restaurant wall❤️

Other Churrascarias we recommend in Rio

  • Tourão Grill

  • Churrascaria Palace

All 3 places hit the spot in the taste department and value for money is an understatement!































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