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Louise and Tracy here and we’re finally taking the big step towards our dream.
After years of research, travelling, having lots of fun and helping others do the same, we want to influence you to see our beautiful planet.

Call us what you will, travel influencers, blog writers, content creators, fly girls....we have over 40 years of travel experience between us and want to share our advice and expertise with you.
Living out of a suitcase isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but the adventure and memories it brings is all so very worth the hectic lifestyle.

We’ve traversed from Australia to South America - Scandinavia to South Africa.
6 continents later and 1 to go. Excited yet?!
We aim to bring you all the information you crave about our travels and can’t wait to hear yours.

We want to keep you updated on all that's worth knowing about out there in the world of travel!

Expect regular updates, videos and pics to feast your eyes on.
You'll also find our pages on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter so please feel free to drop us a line! 

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Let the journey begin!

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Make memories in places you never expected to go!

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